About Me

People always told me not to turn my hobby into my career. And I always told them… why not?


I believe in the lifelong commitment of creating, building and nurturing a fulfilling career and in my world, the only way to do so is by doing something that you truly love. I am a media-obsessed self-taught detail-obsessed multimedia designer who is fascinated by the world of video, graphic design and photography. Owner of a DEC from Bois-de-Boulogne College and of a Bachelor’s Degree from Concordia University in Communication Studies, I spent most of my life exploring and learning about the fascinating world of media. Continuously learning new things, I never settle for less and my drive to constantly better myself leaves me restless. Ever since I was a little girl, being creative came naturally to me and expressing my thoughts through digital media art is comforting, and at the same time, liberating.


I nurture my imagination and ideas by staying physically active, as well as by reading books, magazines blogs and websites about digital art, design, technology and about their latest trends. Inspiration finds me regularly and I constantly push myself to enhance my technical skills in order to better translate my visions into the real world.

When I’m not at home in Montreal working as a videographer or as a graphic designer, I am somewhere around the globe exploring the world, widening my horizons and nurturing my creativity even further.


Au plaisir de travailler avec vous!